What is Medicare Part D?

Medicare’s Part D or Prescription Drugs Coverage is a service offered only by private companies approved by Medicare. This option offers you help to cover your prescription drug costs and protects you against increment in prices that may occur in the future.

Transition Policy

There are times when you may be eligible for a temporary supply or a transitional supply of medication to help make changing your prescription drugs in a smooth way and to make sure you have the medications you need. These situations include times when a medication you are taking is no longer on our formulary or drug list or a medication you are taking now requires Prior Authorization.

A transition supply is provided to give you one fill of your prescription within the first 90 days of a new plan and allow you time to work with your prescriber and decide together what the best course of treatment is for you. You should take into consideration Constellation Health formulary as well as the amount each medication may cost you.

To ask for a temporary supply, please contact us. Click here to have our contact information.